Excavation Corridor access requests
For all invasive works on the Corridor

If you are:

  1. Digging, drilling, or resurfacing
  2. Doing any activity that will alter, or cause to be altered, the surface of the road corridor
  3. Building a new driveway or installing a new stormwater drain that leads into the road corridor
  4. Performing maintenance work on any essential infrastructure
  5. Building a new fence and your work site or equipment encroaches onto the road corridor
  6. Repairing or building manhole access covers
Online CorridorAccess & Permits

For all invasive works within the Road Corridor

Road-Controlling Authorities (& Municipalities) require any person intending to dig in the road corridor to apply for, and have approved prior to the commencement of works, a CorridorAccess Request (CAR) Permit.

You may find your State has a Code of Practice; this Code will typically require any person and / or organisation, wishing to excavate in the Road Corridor to conform to this code of application and implementing permits for corridor access. If you require further details about a States Code of Practice, we encourage you to give them a call.

To assist contractors in complying with the requirement of Permitting within the road corridor, PelicanCorp has introduced CorridorAccess That allows contractors to apply for their CAR (also may be known as a Road Opening Notice, or RON) at the same time as organising their asset locates and plans, if the intended excavation site is within the road corridor.