Two components of CorridorAccess

There are two components of CorridorAccess that you must select from.

EXCAVATION CORRIDOR access requests and NON-EXCAVATION CORRIDOR access requests.

  1. Doing any activity that will alter, or cause to be altered, the surface of the road corridor
  2. Performing maintenance work on any essential infrastructure
  3. Placing any pipe, duct, pole, cabinet or other structure below, on or above the road corridor
  1. Used by people holding an event, protest or parade that affects vehicle or pedestrian traffic
  2. Placing a skip/bin or container on the roadway
  3. Temporary construction loading zones
How does CorridorAccess work?
Step 1

CorridorAccess for Excavations is available to all contractors using the bUd service.
CorridorAccess for NON Excavations is available to all people at the CorridorAccess Non-Excavation service.

Step 2

For Excavation applications - notifications are generated to Utilities & Councils for asset plan requests. Plan responses are sent back to the contractor.

Step 3

Where work is within a road corridor an automatically generated notification is sent to participating RCAs (Councils and Road Authorities). RCAs will see the request in PermitManager, CorridorAccess's online service for Permit Members.

Step 4

During the Permit review & approval process both Contractors & Councils can exchange documents and status changes of the application through CorridorAccess's integrated messaging system.

Step 5

Contractors use the PermitMonitor service to see the status of the permit and communications from Permit Members. PermitMonitor and PermitManager communicate directly allowing for the sharing of documentation such as Terms and Conditions, photos of the location as well as the required approvals and Traffic Management Plans (TMPs).

Step 6

Automatic notifications are sent via e-mail to Contractors regarding confirmation of updates and status changes directing them to PermitMonitor for the full details.


What is a road corridor?

The ROAD CORRIDOR is the land that extends from the boundary of one property to the boundary of the one directly opposite across the road. The Road corridor includes the nature-strip and footpath, as well as the road.